Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alchemy Planner for 2010

January is a good time for reflection. As we look forward to this coming year, my focus narrows on what direction we want to move on the farm and in our business. We are going to change the focus on the farm away from running our CSA and the farmer's markets. If you do the math, and I do, both of those endeavors are not particularly profitable. We are going to focus on turning our farm and plantings into a vehicle to provide food for our family, put up 1000 quarts of food for the winter, store root vegetable crops in the cellar, share our products with a few respected chefs and restaurants, and focus on increased diversity in what we grow.

It is my intent to turn our farm into a "test garden", producing vegetables I can cook with, document, and blog about. We have a commercial grade kitchen on the farm and I want to step up my efforts to demonstrate top level cooking instruction, butchery, and craft cooking for friends, family, and our blog audience. This is going to be a blast to document the actual "Farm to Fork" thesis we are supporting. I am going to include local farmers, chefs, artisan food crafters, and any interested persons who want to take part in a artisan food revolution.

This is your time people! Let us know what interests you, what you want to learn, and what you want to eat. All comments are welcome!

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