Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lake Superior Fish

I had the great fortune of spending the better part of this week in Bayport, WI with my family. This is an annual trip for us to spend time (always off season) in this quiet little fishing village on lake Superior. One of the huge benefits of time spent there is the access to "Caught that day" fresh fish. The restaurants in town are limited in the off season, the better ones being closed when we are there, so we rent a house of motel that has a kitchen, and feast on all the fresh fish we can get our hands on.
Our favorite fish monger is Bodin's Fisheries. It is right on the waterfront, and open year round. You enter the production plant (not a polished fish shop) by a red door on the side of the building, and ring a large cow bell hanging from the ceiling. An employee dressed in rubber from toe to head will come out and get you whatever fresh fish came in during the night, as well as a menu of frozen products that were processed on-site. Standard fish species available are Lake Trout, Whitefish, and Smelt. We were fortunate to find "Burbot" available fresh this week, which is a little known delicacy from the Cod family. This is truly the best fish I have ever had to deep fry, and you see an example in the picture featured. The other great delicacy which I am told has a very limited audience is Whitefish livers. I am going to prepare them for the first time this evening, and will post the result tonight or tomorrow. The dish above is a regular feature for us at the farm. Sautéed plantains, yams, black beans and rice, with usually fried fish or chicken thighs. Central American food from the Caribbean side at it's finest.
Please treat yourself to some Lake Superior fresh fish. The quality is unmatched in my mind, and available from Bodin's by UPS all year round. They can be reached at 715-779-3400.

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