Friday, March 26, 2010


This is the most amazing spring in North Western Wisconsin! Torturous to the point where I want to plant seed, but it would certainly back-fire. It will get ugly cold yet, everything will die and I will want to set the greenhouse on fire. So I wait. Frost warning this year is around the 20th of May (ALMOST TWO MONTHS) I live in a transition zone between 3 and 4. It gets to 50 degrees below zero on occasion here and that is the kiss of death to many a species. After growing up in a zone 8 in California, this has taken some getting used to, but I am OK with it most of the time EXCEPT NOW, THIS TIME OF YEAR. So I visit the greenhouse at night, flip in a CD, light a cigar, look at the seed packets, shrug and go back to the house.

That being said, we are growing 100+ varieties this year, less than last year, but still plenty. I came to the conclusion that 20 varieties of tomatoes may be overkill, the other problem is I don't always get it together to properly label rows of stuff, and the nuance as well as variety are lost. I am going to take photos every day of greenhouse progress and post them up BECAUSE THIS SHIT EXCITES ME. I promise I do other foods other than meat, really!

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